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Juin 1962, retour d'Algérie 1
Novembre 2015, Mme la Commissaire
Juin 1962, retour d'Algérie 2
Gabaret 1913
Dec 2015 Mariage Zulika-Samuel
1984 Chez maman
1978, Notre arrivée en France
1964, Les vacances à Hawaï de Jamal
1912 Montfermeil la famille du meunier
1904 La chatelaine de Montfermeil


I remember (2016) is a participatory art project created while I was in residency in the towns of Montfermeil and Clichy-sous-Bois for the Tour Médicis program. Immerged in the multicultural environment of Paris eastern suburbs, I encountered the local population and met with them to identify what remembering meant for them and which souvenirs, real or projected, they would wish to have photographed. For this memory based photographic serie, I had to become a photographer that I am not in principle – war photojournalist, wedding photographer, social worker, archive photographer – in order to capture the imagined souvenirs I was entrusted with. 


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